Philosophy & Mission

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Carmel Valley Tennis Camp’s VISION

Our Vision


To encourage young people to love the game of tennis in a wholesome and fun camp setting

Core Values

  • Campers come to Carmel Valley Tennis Camp to improve their tennis.
  • Good Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of the CVTC program.
  • CVTC is electronics free so campers and counselors have a break from technology.
  • Camp is fun and engaging.
  • CVTC ensures the physical and emotional safety and nurturing of campers.
  • CVTC develops a community where we listen to campers, and everyone is included.
  • Campers develop skills, friendships and memories that last a lifetime.


We believe:

  • CVTC is a wonderful experience for children.
  • tennis is a sport for a lifetime that develops focus, perseverance and great physical health.
  • in a balance of hitting lots of balls in game based drills and match play.
  • all the off court activities enhance the CVTC experience.
  • in the value of play.
  • everyone benefits from great role models and mentors.
  • our lives are better with healthy and good food.
  • in a balanced life.
  • in understanding and nurturing child development.
  • a beautiful, well maintained, friendly environment contributes to our well being.
  • businesses need to be fiscally responsible.
  • that having clear and high expectations leads to excellence.
  • in being professional, responsible, compassionate and accountable.
  • in maintaining good relationships with our community.
  • CVTC is a great place to work.


To be the best, most well-balanced, tennis camp in the country for children ages 10-18

Goals of CVTC for campers

  • encourage each camper to become a more skilled tennis player.
  • teach good sportsmanship.
  • encourage each camper to enjoy competition by striving to be their best.
  • encourage each camper to develop a greater sense of self confidence.
  • encourage positive social skills when interacting with peers and staff.
  • encourage personal responsibility.

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