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The ACA sets professional standards for the Summer Camp Industry, and their Accreditation is the benchmark of excellence. CVTC is proud to be an ACA Accredited camp, your assurance that:
  • We offer a solid foundation of superior health, safety and quality programming
  • We comply with up to 300 health, safety, program and staff quality standards
  • We have proven accountability, credibility and commitment
  • We have gone to great lengths, been thoroughly evaluated and passed all tests with flying colors!
From beginning players to advanced tournament players – there are 10 separate tennis groups of 4-6 campers grouped by level of experience and age
3 one-hour lessons (either at 9am, 11am and 1pm or at 10am, noon, and 2pm) and a match each day (match length determined by camper’s experience); campers can play on center court between lessons and can request additional matches each day
We, the Directors, go over the parent and camper questionnaires prior to the start of a session; we observe the campers playing on the courts following dinner on the opening day, and we then put them into groups; on Monday morning we observe the groups, consult with the counselors, and make moves to create the best possible groups.
We, the Directors, put the campers onto teams on the first day and then set up the matches based on each camper’s level of play and experience. Our goal is to get competitive matches where scores are likely to be 6-4 or 7-5 or 7-6. We believe close competition drives the most improvement for both players. Each day we evaluate all the matches to determine the best matches for the following day. During a session campers will play both singles and doubles, and they can request more than one match each day.
52, equally split between girls and boys
The counselors. We, the Directors, hire counselors who are playing college tennis and are experienced with teaching and caring for children, and most importantly, are great role models. Prior to the arrival of the campers, we have a four-day training period to prepare our counselors. We’ve developed all the lesson plans and teaching manuals for our counselors; we run the daily morning meeting with on court demos, and we are very hands on working with our counselors every day.
They can choose, and are not required to do, any of the following: ropes course, archery, pool, hot tub, arts and crafts, extra tennis, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, bumper pool, fooz ball, board games, lawn games, conditioning, reading, resting.
Every night we have all camp planned evening activities in which all campers participate.
By age – girls in girls rooms and boys in boys rooms; most rooms have 7 campers and 1 counselor on 4 bunkbeds; a few rooms have 3 campers and 1 counselor on 2 bunkbeds
You can make up to 2 roommate requests. In order to ensure roommate requests, both campers must request one another and be no more than one grade apart.
Yes; there is an additional $100 fee for a camper who stays, and we care for them from Saturday noon until check in for the new session on Sunday afternoon.
Yes, if you pay the full two-week session tuition fee. Our one-week session dates are available here.
3 Owners/Directors; 4 Head counselors; 7-9 counselors; 4 kitchen staff
Yes. We contract with Intellicorp to do background checks of each member of our staff. Part of their check includes the National Sex Offender Registry.
We have found that being "unplugged" here at camp really encourages the social interaction that is such a fantastic part of camp. We provide a landline phone free of charge for US calls starting on Wednesday afternoon and available every afternoon from 11am-7pm for the rest of the session for campers to make and receive calls. Phone cards are available in the pro shop for campers wanting to make international calls. Parents are welcome to send letters through the mail, and campers will be sending postcards and letters home the same way. Parents can always call the Office to talk to Susan, Steve or Aimee about any questions or concerns.
Sunday, with arrival between 2 and 4pm.
Saturday, sample lessons take place for families to view between 9 and 10 with a graduation of all campers between 10 and 11, and then departure.
No, we have a closed campus; parents, families and friends can meet the staff and tour the facility on the check in and graduation days
Housing, all meals, all instruction, camp t shirt, camp photo, all off court activities, all evening activities. Our two-week sessions include all weekend activities with Sunday spent in Carmel and at the beach.
Camper laundry done once a week in a two-week session (around $16.00), snack or pro shop purchases, and spending money in Carmel for a two-week session.
Yes, she reviews the medical information on all campers prior to a session and is here on our opening day to check in all campers. She oversees our Camp Infirmary and the camp staff who have daily responsibilities for the Infirmary.