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Carmel Valley Tennis Camp is a smoke, alcohol and drug free environment

Basic Qualifications for all Counselors:

  • US Social Security number – we only make payments through payroll; we do not pay cash to Staff

  • US College level tennis player or equivalent or past CVTC camper

To Be a CVTC Counselor you have to like being around and teaching children ages 10-18

Skills needed to be a CVTC Counselor

  • Being a role model for youth – Campers do what they see, and they intently observe counselors

  • Patience – Taking time to work with campers, answering questions and explaining

  • Kindness – Creating a positive environment, showing campers you care

  • Communication Skills – Guiding and supervising campers; working with and other counselors and supervisors

  • Resourcefulness – Creating and adjusting lesson plans as needed; creating and adjusting room management as needed

  • Flexibility – Adapting to changes and other situations out of your control

  • Team Player – Encouraging, helpful and respectful to co workers and supervisors

  • Physical Stamina – Working as a camp counselor can be tiring

Available Positions and Qualifications

  • Counselor

    • Must be at least 19 and have completed one year of university
    • May 29-August 13 – First Year Counselor Salary $6,000 plus room and board; $400 bonus for completing May 29-August 13

General Responsibilities for all Counselors

  • Teach or assist in 3 hours of group lessons (four to six campers in a group) M-F

  • Caretaking children in a room group: living in a room with 7 campers

  • Supervising match play 

  • Counselors assist in the planning, supervision, and running of the daytime offcourt, evening, and weekend activities

  • Offcourt activity areas include: lifeguarding, ropes course, archery, health center (assist camp nurse), art house, camp store, centre court, lawn games, dorm duty

Time Off and CVTC Description

  • Time off during each day and 1 day each week

  • Two evenings off from 7:30PM-11:00PM each week

  • The camp provides a washer, dryer and detergent for doing your own laundry

  • CVTC has a Staff House with an outdoor kitchen with microwave and refrigerator; an exercise area with spin bike, treadmill, weights, TRX; and a Staff lounge with high speed wi-fi and a stringing machine that are available during time off

  • Cell phone coverage is spotty on the property but can be used easily over the wi-fi at the Staff House and lounge. Cell phones cannot be used by counselors during work hours.

  • Counselors sleep in a room (on a bunk bed) with 7 campers or in the Staff House and share responsibility for the care and supervision of 8-10 campers in the dorm.