Tennis, a sport for a lifetime

  • Our purpose is to encourage young people to love the game of tennis in a wholesome and fun camp setting.
  • Good Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of our program.
  • Tennis is a sport for a lifetime that develops focus, perseverance, and great physical health.
  • Campers become more skilled tennis players and learn a lot about tennis – good sportsmanship, focus and the mental game, strokes, movement, strategy, video analysis, conditioning and match play.
  • Campers get a balance of hitting lots of balls in game-based (live ball) drills in their lessons and match play during team tennis.
  • Campers are encouraged to enjoy competition by striving to be their best.
  • 10 tennis groups of 4-6 campers each allow all levels of players to attend CVTC, from beginning players to ranked tournament players.
  • Our staff is composed of college aged counselors, some of whom have been campers at CVTC. Our tennis counselors are playing college tennis and bring a wealth of tennis experience to the camp and selected as great role models.
  • Counselors participate in a 4-day pre-camp training.
  • Campers leave camp motivated to play more tennis.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30am Morning Meeting with On-Court Tennis Demo and Explanations
    • Groundstrokes, spins and lobs
    • Serves
    • Doubles Roles and Positioning
    • Volleys and Overheads
    • Return of Serve
    • Focus and Consistency
    • Underspin, Dropshots and Mini Tennis
    • Advanced Doubles Formations
    • Playing Styles and Constructing Points
  • 9:00am – 3:00pm Group Tennis Lessons – Three hours of group lessons per day (9,11 and 1 or 10,12 and 2)
  • 3:00pm Tennis Talks – Tennis topics discussed each afternoon before team tennis match play
    • Sportsmanship
    • Match preparation – Bag check
    • How To Be a Good Doubles Partner
    • Fitness and Nutrition
    • Playing USTA Junior Tournaments and High School Tennis
    • Evaluating Success in Tennis
    • The Mental Game
    • Playing College Tennis
    • Tennis Equipment
  • 3:20pm Team Tennis – Team based match play
    • Six teams set up by the Directors
    • Directors set matches based on camper’s experience to get the closest competition possible.
    • Matches are generally one set in length
    • Beginning players may start a set at 3-3; more advanced players may play best of three sets – the goal is to get the best competitive experience for each camper
    • Campers can play more than one match a day if they’d like
    • Teams are ranked based on the best winning percentage of sets won over sets played – the championship team and the finalist team members each receive an award
  • Center Court – Court open throughout the day for extra instruction and additional play; ball machine available

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