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sleep away tennis camp

Carmel Valley Tennis Camp is a smoke, alcohol and illegal drug free environment

Basic Qualifications for all staff:

sleep away tennis camp

  • 18 years or older and have completed at least one year of college
  • US Social Security number
  • US College level player or equivalent
  • Desire and ability to work with children and live in a close-knit environment
  • Ability and willingness to accept direction from supervisors
  • Good character, team player, integrity, adaptability, enthusiasm, common sense, loyalty, honesty, humor, patience, judgment, and self-control
  • Willingness to uphold and support the rules and traditions of Carmel Valley Tennis Camp


General Responsibilities for all staff


  • Teach 3 hours of group lessons (four to six campers in a group) M-F
  • Caretaking children in a room group: living in a room with 7 campers
  • Supervising match play 3 hours M-F
  • Counselors assist in the planning, supervision, and running of the daytime offcourt, evening, and weekend activities
  • Offcourt activity areas include: ropes course, archery, infirmary (assist camp nurse), art house, pro shop, centre court, conditioning, games, dorm duty


Pay & Time Off


  • Senior Counselor: (counselor job plus management responsibilities)  May 31 - August 19 - this position qualifies as a Paid Internship for students who need it to obtain a CPT, OPT, or college credit  Salary $4,500 plus room and board
  • Counselor:  June 2 - July 8 Salary $1,700 plus room and board
  • Counselor:  July 6 - August 19 Salary $2,000 plus room and board
  • One hour off during each day and 1 day each week
  • Two evenings off from 7:30PM-11:00PM each week
  • Counselors are encouraged to play tennis and work out in their time off
  • The camp provides a washer, dryer and detergent for doing your own laundry


CVTC has an excellent tennis program where children come to improve their tennis. We believe CVTC is the best, most well balanced, tennis camp in the country for children age 10 - 18. What makes this a very special place for the campers is the interaction with the counselors and the tremendous variety of other activities that they can pursue when they are not on the courts: ping pong, bumper pool, fooz ball, swimming pool, hot tub, arts and crafts, basketball, sand volleyball, ropes course, hiking trails, archery, conditioning, lawn games, board games, cards, and different all camp evening and weekend activities.

Being a camp counselor is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it is also hard work because of the time commitment and the responsibility for the emotional and physical safety and care of children. You are expected to be an outstanding role model for children. It is often said by individuals in the camp business that “being a camp counselor is the hardest job you'll ever love.” We have high expectations for our staff. We believe that CVTC is a great organization and a great place to work; we are interested in young people who want to excel. To have the opportunity to have a significant positive impact on young people is an invaluable experience, and one that will serve you well regardless of what field you choose to pursue.

CVTC is in a remote location, twenty five minutes by car from Carmel Valley Village (population 5,000), and 45 minutes to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean and the beautiful seaside resorts of Carmel and Monterey. The camp is about 2 1/2 hours by car south of San Francisco, and 5 hours north of Los Angeles. On days off, counselors often visit Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Rox, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Lobos, Del Monte Center (Monterey's Mall), and other sightseeing spots. If they'd like to, Counselors are welcome to bring their own cars to camp.


  • CVTC has a Staff House with an outdoor kitchen and a computer, limited e-mail access (satellite internet), microwave, refrigerator, DVD player, satellite tv, stringing machine, staff phone line, limited exercise equipment, weights, etc. and is available during time off.
  • Some cell phones work at camp in certain places, but they cannot be used by counselors during work hours.
  • Counselors sleep in a room (on a bunk bed) with 7 campers and share responsibility for the care and supervision of 8-10 campers in the dorm.
  • Counselors help supervise campers in daytime, evening and weekend activities; when a counselor is not involved with tennis, he/she will be assigned different duties involving the campers during the day, evening and weekend activities.



20805 Cachagua Road,
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Phone: (831) 659-2615
Fax: (866) 809-9089

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