CVTC Typical Day (Mon-Fri)

Volley Ball Lesson action


Tennis Lessons (3 per day), Match Play & Evening Activities are mandatory
* The other Daytime Activities are by camper choice for Off Court times … get extra help at Centre Court – go to the Ropes Course – Shoot Archery – Participate in Conditioning – Play games – Swim or Hot Tub – Work in the Art House 




7:30–8:25Breakfast and Room Clean up


All camp meeting on the bleachers Daily news/activities/Tennis Demos of the Focus of the Day

9:00Tennis lessons

10:00*Ropes course, archery, conditioning, center court for more tennis

11:00Tennis lessons

12:00 Lunch / *ping pong, bumper pool, fooz ball, center court

12:30*Big Game – Campers & Counselors – Dodgeball, Kickball, Soccer etc.

1:00 Tennis lessons

2:00 *Art House, Pool, Pro Shop/Snack Shop, Games, centre court


All camp meeting in the breezeway Daily tennis topics (tournament prep, nutrition, mental preparation, college tennis, etc.)


Team Tennis Match Play – singles and/or doubles match(es) *When not playing a match - watch other camper matches, Art House, Pool, Games, ping pong, chess, etc

6:15 Dinner, Showers

7:30 Dessert, All Camp Evening Activities

9:00-10:00 Back to rooms (depending on age)

9:30-10:30 Lights out (depending on age)








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