Available Positions - Summer 2017

William came home beaming on Saturday after a hugely successful first time away at camp. He adored every minute of CVTC and is begging to go back next year! I played tennis with Wills yesterday and there has been great improvement so kudos to you and your staff for all your help, warmth and enthusiasm throughout his two weeks!

San Francisco, California

Carmel Valley Tennis Camp is a smoke, alcohol and illegal drug free environment

Counselors - Male & Female College Tennis Players (Room & Board Included)

Basic Staff Qualifications:

Remote location

  • Available to begin work May 31
  • Are 18 years or older and have completed at least one year of college
  • US Social Security # (if you are an international student you can obtain one by getting a CPT or OPT through your school)

  • Desire and ability to work with children and live in a close-knit environment
  • Ability to relate to and work with one’s peer group
  • Ability and willingness to accept direction and supervision from Head Counselors and Directors
  • Counselors must have necessary tennis skills to effectively teach children aged 10-18.
  • Good character, team player, integrity, adaptability, enthusiasm, common sense, loyalty, honesty, humor, patience, judgment, and self-control
  • Good references supporting your character and past employment
  • Willingness to uphold and support the rules and traditions of Carmel Valley Tennis Camp

Job Description

  • Teach 3 hours of group lessons (four to six campers in a group) M-F
  • Caretaking of chidren: living in a room with 7 campers
  • Coach a team (eight to nine campers of varying ability) in match play format 3 to 3.5 hours M-F
  • Counselors assist in the planning, supervision, and running of the daytime offcourt, evening, and weekend activities
  • Offcourt activity areas include: ropes course, archery, infirmary (assist camp nurse), art house, pro shop, centre court, conditioning, games, dorm duty

Pay & Time Off

  • Starting pay for 1st year counselors is a minimum of $325.00 per week plus room & board; Staff hired through an agency, i.e. Camp America, are paid a stipend recommended by the agency
  • One hour off during each day and 1 day each week
  • Two evenings off from 7:30PM-11:00PM each week
  • Counselors are encouraged to play tennis in their time off
  • The camp provides a washer, dryer and detergent for doing your own laundry



Head Counselors - Counselor Job Plus Management Responsibilities (Room & Board Included)

Head Counselor Qualifications

  • Are 21 years or older and have paid management experience supervising other employees; residential camp experience preferred
  • University student or graduate
  • US College level player or equivalent
  • Attend CVTC Head Counselor Training and CVTC Staff Training May 28 – June 4

  • Available to work from May 28 through August 20
  • Tennis teaching experience


Head Counselor Job Description

  • Report and accountable to the 3 directors
  • Learn, understand and promote the CVTC culture - Purpose, Core values, Beliefs, Mission and Rules
  • Work as a team member with the 1-3 other HCs - together the team manages the counselors in the set up and running of the Evening and Weekend Activities

  • Run assigned sections of the Staff Training 

  • Teach 3 hours of group lessons (five to six campers in a group) M-F
  • Supervision of campers and counselors in the dorm
  • Completion of Night time supervision log

  • Live where needed – dorm or staff house

  • Manage one or two areas of camp (i.e. Infirmary, Team Tennis, Pro Shop, Ropes Course, Archery, etc.)


Head Counselor Pay & Time Off

  • Starting pay for 1st year Head Counselor is a minimum of $400.00 per week plus room & board.
  • Time off during each day and 1 day each week
  • One evening off each week


Kitchen Staff Job Description - (Housing Not Available)


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Starting pay is California minimum wage.
  • Responsible for
    • food and meal prep
    • serving meals buffet style
    • dishwashing and clean up
    • maintaining the standards of the Health Dept. and the highest degree of cleanliness and food safety.
    • unloading and storage of food and canned goods (you must be able to lift and handle items weighing up to 40 pounds)
    • dining room and patio prep and cleaning (you need to be able to move tables and chairs)
    • breaking down boxes and cartons
    • emptying and relining trash cans
  • The facility was built in 1999 and the commercial kitchen is very nice
  • Training will be done by the Kitchen Manager
  • Responsible to the Kitchen Manager
  • Must be a good role model for children and abide by the rules of camp
  • Carmel Valley Tennis Camp is a smoke, alcohol and illegal drug free environment





20805 Cachagua Road,
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Phone: (831) 659-2615
Fax: (866) 809-9089