• CVTC successfully operated Covid free 2020 and 2021 summer camp programs •

Susan Reeder, Steve Proulx and Aimee Reeder are in charge of developing and implementing the CVTC Protocols. Following are the protocols that we anticipate utilizing for summer 2022. These will be updated as needed.

Pre-Camp Arrival

  • Family completion of all online forms – medical form, parent questionnaire, camper questionnaire
  • Family completion and submission of online CVTC COVID-19 Parent Disclosure Form
  • Documentation showing that your camper is fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Or, if your camper is not age eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, then your camper needs to provide a negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 72 hours before arrival, if using PCR. Antigen tests are acceptable and must be conducted within 24 hours of arrival. If the test is positive, campers will not be allowed to come to camp, and the tuition will not be refunded or rolled over to another session or summer. We know that the Tuition Insurance is excellent coverage and very reasonable. Click here for the FAQ’s from the Insurance Company.

Check In 

  • Check in and pick up at the beginning and end of a Session will be in timed intervals and will be only drop off and pick up. No one will be allowed to enter the main camp area other than the camper.
  • At the greeting table just inside the entrance to camp, trained staff will ask the family the following three questions developed by the Monterey County Health Department about the child’s possible exposure and/or contact with COVID-19 and anyone with COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days:
    • Does anyone in your household including the camper have a fever of 100.4 or over?
    • Have medications been administered to your child in the past 24 hours to reduce fever?
    • Has any member of your household been sick with a common cold or any other contagious illness in the past week?
  • Just outside the Health Center
    • Please show either a completed vaccination card or negative Covid-19 test result for the camper
    • Camper temperature check
    • Drop off any camper daily medications
    • Make any adjustments/corrections to the Medical Form
    • There is a port-a-potty outside the Health Center as no parents are admitted into the general camp area     
  • CVTC Staff will greet the arriving camper and escort him/her to their assigned room and assist in carrying the luggage to the room. Their room counselor will 
    • welcome them to the room
    • help them with getting unpacked
    • train them on proper social distancing while at camp
    • introduce campers to one another and do icebreaker games.
  • Late afternoon an all-camp meeting will take place outside, socially distanced by room group, to explain and train campers on the CVTC protocols for the session – staff will have been extensively trained in these during staff training.
    • handwashing and sanitation procedures
    • social distancing

Final Day/Graduation

  • We will do graduation with the campers only on Friday afternoon. We may or may not be able to record some parts of the graduation to make available to parents.
  • Camper pick up will be on Saturday between 9:00am and 10:30am in timed intervals. This will be similar to check in day as we will have the campers and their luggage in the parking area ready to be loaded into their family cars. Camp touring and sample lessons will not be available this summer.

Site modifications

  • Installation of masonite panels between bunk beds
  • Installation of plexiglass panels between the two sinks in bathrooms
  • Additional hand sanitation stations placed in numerous areas: tennis courts, ropes course, archery, outside each dorm room, outside each public bathroom and dining hall entrances 
  • Two additional outdoor showers
  • Bathroom doors have been removed and shower curtains put in place to allow for greater ventilation
  • Exhaust fans kept on 24 hours a day for greater ventilation
  • Sliding windows in the dorm removed and screens kept in place for greater ventilation
  • Additional bathrooms (porta potties) by the Health Center
  • Isolation area for potential sick campers or staff
  • All deliveries are left at the gate to be picked up late in the day by camp staff.
  • Signs at our gate state that no one is allowed to enter without a prior approved appointment, and anyone entering must wear a facial mask and practice social distancing.
  • Kitchen/Dining Area will be modified to meet all COVID-19 Food Service Guidelines.
    • Plexiglass divider between kitchen and dining area with plates of food  served through the opening below the divider
    • Dinner will be served by room group.
    • Markers will be placed on the ground so campers can keep proper social distancing while waiting in line for a meal.
    • Campers will eat with room groups at assigned tables.
    • No salad bar – individual salads will be prepared by the kitchen staff.
    • Milk will be dispensed by the kitchen staff.
    • All food will be served by trained CVTC kitchen staff.

Program modifications

  • Daily AM temperature checks for everyone at CVTC
  • The Art House Activities will be held outside on picnic tables
  • The sharing of any personal items, including clothing, and tennis rackets will be discouraged.
  • Campers and Counselors remain at CVTC the whole session. The fun CVTC activities will all take place on site. There will be no trip to Carmel in the 2 week session.

Facility Cleaning Procedures – CVTC has received the Gold Seal for meeting and exceeding all requirements from the Monterey County Health Department for our Kitchen/Dining Area and Pool/Spa for the past 21 years. Special attention for excellent ventilation of all closed spaces has always been an important part of the CVTC experience. The entire facility has always been deep cleaned between sessions. 

  • Additional Cleaning Procedures for summer 2020:
    • Bathrooms and rooms will be cleaned daily.
    • Door handles, etc. cleaned multiple times per day.
    • Cleaning of all equipment after use, ie archery, tennis baskets, ball hoppers, art house supplies, etc.

Personal Hygiene

  • Campers will wash or sanitize their hands before every meal.
  • Room Counselors will encourage/promote good personal hygiene of campers, including daily showers and clean clothes each day.

Staff and Staff Training

  • All counselors will be arriving 8-10 days before campers arrive.
  • All counselors have been in the US for this past school semester.
  • 4 days after arrival and being quarantined at CVTC, staff will be tested for COVID-19.
  • Counselors remain at CVTC during a session.
  • All Staff will be educated and trained in safe practices related to COVID-19.

We ask Families to:

  • Only pack essential items such as clothing, shoes, and basic toiletries. Please do not bring games or anything to be shared with other campers. This will help facilitate the spacing out of campers’ belongings.
  • Snail mail or packages (no food items or items to be shared) can be sent to your camper.
  • Pack a face mask for their child for arrival and departure.