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The camp's policy is to prohibit all forms of harassment by our employees. This includes sexual, racial, religious and other forms of harassment. Have you ever been accused of harassment of any person including, but not limited to, workplace harassment? Yes No
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Criminal Record

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For All Counselors
  1. Describe any working environments with children you have experienced. e.g. caring for younger siblings, babysitting, camp counselor, teaching children skills, etc.
  2. Describe why you want to work as a counselor for the summer.
  3. Describe how being a counselor can contribute to your future goals.
  4. We assume you want to be a good camp counselor; describe why you will be a good camp counselor.
  5. Are you currently playing college varsity tennis?  Yes No
  6. Describe your tennis playing experience, i.e. your tennis background and current level of play.
  7. Describe tennis teaching experience you have had.
  8. We believe we are the best, most well-balanced junior tennis camp in the country.. Which of the following areas are ones which you could contribute to off the tennis court?
    Ropes course
    Pool supervision
    Sand volleyball
    Lawn games
    Art House
    Pro shop sales
    Card/board games
  9. Counselors are involved in most Evening Activities. What special contribution can you make to the Evening Activities? (Check the Activities page of the website to see a listing of Evening Activities)
  10. What age group would you prefer to supervise and live with in the dorm?
  11. We have beginning through advanced junior tennis players. With which ages and level do you feel you work best?

I authorize the investigation of all statements herein, including any checks of criminal records and online social networking sites (e.g., etc.), and release the camp and all others from liability in connection with same. I understand that, if employed, I will be an at-will employee unless there is an agreement or law which alters that status. Furthermore, I understand that any agreement must be in writing and signed by the designated camp official. I also understand that untrue, misleading, or omitted information herein or in other documents completed by the applicant may result in dismissal, regardless of the time of discover by the camp.

By submitting this application online I am attesting to the truthfulness of all answers and take complete responsibility for all answers provided.


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