Before You Arrive

Arrival Day - Sunday: Arrival time is between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.*


If you are bringing your child to camp, you may just drop them off, and it’s also fine to help them get settled and then tour the camp area. Generally, it’s best to stay no longer than an hour and no later than 4:00 so that your camper can begin to acclimate to camp.



Departure Day - Saturday: *


9:00 - 10:00 - Group lessons for parents’ viewing


10:00 – Graduation   


11:15 - Departure from Camp


*Please do not bring dogs or other pets to camp. Thanks! 


Parents’ Concerns

We want to make your child's stay at Camp the best possible. If you have concerns prior to or while your child is at Camp, please e-mail or call the office at 831.659.2615 during the day (9am-6pm) to speak with Susan or Steve; they are happy to talk with you. Staff members do not receive calls from camper parents during camp because they are very busy taking care of your child and all the other campers. Counselors are available to talk with you on check in day and at the end of the session.


Medical Forms

The medical forms are available through your online account that you access through the Parent Login button at the top right of our Home Page.


Health Care

Should your child become ill at camp and is unable to participate in the normal camp activities for longer than one day, we will contact you to advise you of the steps we’ve taken to alleviate the illness.


Telephone, Mail and email

Cell phones are not allowed at camp. Campers arriving by plane who will need their cell phone in transit will leave their cell phones in the Office safe during their stay at camp. We choose to have a landline phone at Camp so that campers may call home if they wish, and we make the phone available Wednesday late afternoon of the first week of each session. The phone is then available from 3:30pm to 7:15pm every day for the rest of the session. We have 1 camper phone and 52 campers so….campers are limited to making or receiving 2 calls per day, with each call limited to 5 minutes. Leaving a message counts as a call. If you call your camper one of three things will most likely occur: no one will answer because all the campers are involved in activities; the phone is busy; or a camper answers and attempts to get your child to the phone. The phone requires a phone card to make outgoing long distance calls, and we have them for sale for $6.00 in the pro shop. The Office phone line does not take messages for campers.


Parents can send one-way emails to campers that we will print out and give to the campers. Most campers don’t receive care packages but those that do are required to open them in the Office and any food or drinks are removed because we don’t allow them in the rooms. Campers love receiving letters.



We do not allow electronic devices at camp. We have found that being "unplugged" here at camp is a liberating experience for many campers and really encourages the social interaction that is such a fantastic part of camp.



We allow single function cameras for campers to use at appropriate times during the session. If it's powered by a battery, make sure it is fully charged, or bring an extra battery because there won't be a charging spot for the battery.


Temperature Ranges

Because we are further inland than Carmel and at 1200 feet elevation, we have wider temperature ranges than the coast. Our average maximum and minimum temperatures over the past few summers are as follows: June – 77 and 46; July - 87 and 52; August – 88 and 51. Although it gets warm during the day, the temperature always drops as the sun goes down. It is highly unusual to have rain.


Tuition Insurance

We highly recommend tuition insurance as protection in the event that a camper is unable to attend camp. You can choose either AMSkier’s Peace-of-Mind program at or TravMark at They are both reasonably priced. Our stated policy on cancellations is that the only refund available after May 1 is the amount paid less the $300 deposit, only if the space can be filled by the camp. Please let us know if you have questions about the tuition insurance.


Visitors at Camp

Camp is a closed community, and we don’t have visitors at camp. If you need to see your child while Camp is in session, please contact Susan or Steve. During the session campers may only leave Camp or a Camp excursion with their parents or guardians.  



Camper laundry is done weekly for campers staying two weeks or longer by a local service for a fee. Please provide a laundry bag with your camper's name.


Lost and Found

Carmel Valley Tennis Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing and personal possessions. We discourage campers from bringing expensive items to Camp (clothing, electronic games, jewelry, etc...). We have a lost and found area that we go through with the campers the night before the end of the session.


Places to Sleep and Eat in Carmel and Carmel Valley CVTC’s Picks

Carmel Valley – 25-35 minutes from camp – Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce -


Places to stay

Places to eat

  • Cafe Rustica - lunch & dinner - pizza to fresh fish - 831-659-4444 
  • Will’s Fargo - lunch & dinner - hamburgers to steaks - 831-659-2774
  • Wickets - lunch & dinner - bar & grill at Bernardus Lodge - 831-658-3550
  • Running Iron – lunch & dinner – old time cowboy saloon, hamburgers, etc. 831-659-4633
  • Carmel Valley Market – soup, sandwiches – general market – 831-659-2472
  • Wild Goose Bakery Café – breakfast, lunch, coffee bar – 831-659-5052


Carmel – 40 minutes from camp – Carmel Chamber of Commerce -


Places to stay

Places to eat

  • Little Napoli - lunch & dinner - fresh Italian - 831-626-6335
  • Flying Fish Grill – dinner only – Pacific Rim Seafood – 831-625-1962
  • Rio Grill - lunch & dinner - California cuisine - 831-625-6436
  • Carmel Bakery - Deli style bakery on Ocean Ave. – 831-626-8885


Monterey – 50 minutes from camp – Monterey County Visitors Bureau -


Places to stay

  • Numerous reasonably priced hotels on Munras Avenue

Other attractions

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Del Monte Center – mall with multiscreen movie theater







20805 Cachagua Road,
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Phone: (831) 659-2615
Fax: (866) 809-9089